•  Richard Brown  8 months ago

    Welcome to The People's Forums. Worlds only Global Video Debating Platform.  Its free to use.  Sign up, create a profile or log in.  Record your debate or like and share others. ...

     11 responses  4 votes  75%  Australia

  •  The People's Forums  2 years ago

    The Constitution is the founding document of our nation and is the pre-eminent source of law. The Constitution was drafted at a time when Australia was considered a land that belonged to no one be...

     1 response  1 vote  100%  Australia

  •  karrisondriver  2 years ago

    Liberal democracy is a political  system that has long been encompassed by Western nations. These nations have historically held the most social, political, and economic power, however in the ...

     4 responses  3 votes  100%  China

  •  roshnik  2 years ago

    The topic of cannabis legalisation has long been contested. Currently, governments generally opt to ban its usage given potential adverse effects and adopting a hardline policy against substance us...

     2 responses  1 vote  100%  Perth WA, Australia

  •  Jolie  2 years ago

    Terrorism is a relatively modern form of warfare which we've seen increasing globally. Some of the most publicised attacks such as 9/11 and the 7/7 London terror bombings have been directly linked ...

     3 responses  2 votes  50/50  Jerusalem, Israel

  •  Debater99  2 years ago

    The location of this debate is the Galilee Basin. This is the location of the Adani Group's proposed Carmichael coal mine. The Galilee basin spans elements of the upper Lake Eyre drainage catchment...

     3 responses  0 votes  Galilee Basin, Pentland QLD, Australia

  •  Debater99  2 years ago

    The location of this debate is the USA. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms and was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part o...

     2 responses  1 vote  100%  USA

  •  Charles Fedor  2 years ago

    Brexit refers to the United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union. This decision was ostensibly to take back control of immigration and restore parliamentary sovereignty. However three yea...

     3 responses  1 vote  100%  Palace of Westminster, London, UK

  •  issy_c_s  2 years ago

    The WA State Parliament is currently debating whether or not to pass a Voluntary Assissted Dying Bill, which would alllow individuals to end their own lives in the presence of a physician.  I...

     4 responses  2 votes  100%  Western Australia, Australia

  •  Sababa  2 years ago

    Climate change is one of the greatest crises facing the planet; with rising, acidifying oceans, mass deforestation and environmental damage bound to cause mass migration, famine, drought and many m...

     2 responses  1 vote  100%  Perth WA, Australia

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